Popular dating app Tinder has rolled out a brand new feature that will allow users to run an in-app background check that will allow them to see any past offenses related to dating violence of a potential match.

According to The Verge, searches will return results that Garbo says are “relevant to the user’s safety” and will exclude some information such as drug possession and loitering, but they will not include personally identifiable information like addresses and phone numbers.

Tinder will allow each member to run two free background check searches, and once they utilize those two free checks they will have to pay $2.50 (plus a servicing fee).

To run the background check from within the app, click on the blue shield and then follow to the Safety Center where you can select the Garbo article, which directs them to the Garbo website.

It’s worth noting that the company noted that a potential lack of history on a Garbo background check does not guarantee that a member is completely safe and urged users to follow its safety tips whenever they make plans to meetup with a match.

Match Group also announced Wednesday that it is partnering with the National Domestic Violence Hotline.